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Business owners are website and print deadline pain junkies

There is so much noise in this world isn’t there? especially if your in business, it’s sometimes impossible to prioritise a projects timescale.

The weeks turn into days and now it’s hours, and the people you have placed your reliance on are just glacial in their correspondence.

How can it possibly take so long to build a bloody website, why is it so incredibly complicated?

And the print, where are they? where is their communication and have they listened to a single word I have said?

Business owners are website and print deadline pain junkies.

Maybe it’s a show maybe it’s an event perhaps a simple news article.

But you are out of time and you have to rely on adrenalin, its not healthy and it puts you into conflict with your supplier.

The website isn’t finished the print job isn’t finalised you haven’t got the time or the energy to do it, but you know it has to be done.

“How can I do a presentation or pitch a product or service without the backup I need ” ?

We have clients who come to us in this exact situation, its a common pinch point in a small business especially.

Debbie Bryant actually wasn’t in this situation, but the print was a bit last minute!

And because her life is so hectic, Debbie used a Maltix recommended Virtual Assistant ( VA) to get the information together overnight and submitted to production first thing in the morning.

The case study

Debbie invested in a subscription package with Maltix last Friday.

We finalised her online stationery built the website, launched and tested it today just 3 days later. 

She prints just prior to her EVENT TODAY on HMS BELFAST meeting 100 VIP’s tomorrow and 500 on the day after.

Print mock up front and back of business card.

No glacial time restrictions no tedious web developers and no design houses just a corner store printer required to finish things off.

Quantifying money saved , walks hand in hand with stress removed but because we are the worlds first phone tech subscription service that does all of this is super quick time, we reckon on significant financial savings as well.

An average client will save £200 to £400 on the print job and well over £2000 on the website.

And already clients like Debbie will be guaranteed a huge rate of adoption and uptake because of the immediacy of the in situ solution on the smartphone at a major EVENT.

Print mock up automated data collection flyer.

Every element of our solutions carry reporting systems, so you know exactly your bang for your bucks.

A completely refreshing new approach to solve bewildering problems with websites and print.

Let us see if your solution can be up and running in just 2 to 3 days.

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