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Case Study

Investment Plan

I came across Maltix in a WhatsApp group.

A couple of things were said that caught my eye, particularly the idea that most people want to do business on the phones these days, and yet websites are not really designed for the tiny screen of a smart phone.

The next thing that I saw was that that Maltix is actually a high-end QR company who really understands the creation of QR and how you place it and use it effectively.

Maltix QR is a Subscription service, this means that they can change anything that’s connected to the QR after print , and I have to say that sounded like a revelation to me.

That meant I could place QR into the fabric of my business with the reassurance it can be changed at any time in the future.


The low cost of subscription made it an easy decision even though I'm new start up.

I booked with William Nicholls, CEO of Maltix and after 20 minutes I agreed to the Maltix QR PhoneSite subscription  plan and I then had to supply all my links, details and images.

My vCard turned up connected to a QR almost immediately, I hadn’t realised that this is specifically built to share all your details on a smart phone, I watched the training video and added my QRs to the desktop of my Phone so that I can share to any platform.

My PhoneSite was up and running the next day and I immediately asked Maltix for QR print design ideas and went to my local printer.

Considering the cost and the glacial speed of Website creation, I simply couldn't believe how quickly this service was.

I had a deadline that was encroaching fast, yet I had no need to worry, it was easily completed in time.

Now I’m actually of the opinion, I don’t really need a website at all. 

The PhoneSite is actually better and dramatically cheaper.

I’m a member of the Institute of directors and I regularly go to high-end events. I just WhatsApp Maltix or go to their chat room on the website and any changes I need for events are done immediately it’s so cool.

I'm now planning the second phase which is Silver subscription and Maltix Smart Form Pages are going to be automated to my new CRM.

That means when I do EVENTS all the prospects data is securely waiting inside my CRM for future newsletters.

I dont write Case Studies, but Im telling you this new approach completely puts me in control of my prospecting.

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