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William Nicholls

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Let's talk about upgrading your website to an App.

"Looks like a website behaves like an App"

No app store required.

"Maltix is the home of seamless multiplatform applications that enable businesses to:- promote, pass or receive details, show and sell products and services, take payments and subscriptions, sell events and webinars, showcase offers and do most of your business: any time, any place, and on anything, from a smartphone upwards. At very sane prices!"
"For those too busy, and fed up with being forced to do tech they use only once, we provide the option of having trained VA's do both onboarding, snags, and day to day changes (text chat, live chat or tickets) so that you can get on with your business! BTW You get a chat facility, and Knowledge Base, for your business too, while we are at it!"

Maurice Watts Director

1 - Contact us with your idea and then ORDER your PhoneSite SME

Every subscription product is explained from within the SHOP 

Talk to a Maltix PhoneSite owner

5 hours of VA onboarding included to create your splash, onboarding, wordage and Home page to your specifications using screen share.

3 - We show you how to make changes and set up your knowledge base Sign up 

This Ai driven article creation and storage system is a world-beater.

5 hours of VA help included to populate your PhoneSite with information, create categories and articles in your knowledge base, then please click here 

Book a time let's talk about upgrading you from a website to an App 

From £25 pcm

Measure twice cut once

This is the VA onboarding link that kicks off your project after purchase.

This is quite an intense document, your VA is there to help !

Talk to Rachel cox a PhoneSite owner BizCard

Add Maurice Watts.

Maltix Sales and Marketing Director to your phone contacts

Add William Nicholls CEO to your phone contacts

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