Why register and be part of the Maltix Tribe ?

William Nicholls

Last Update 2 months ago

    By registering for Maltix you gain access to the following benefits.

  • Forever Login ( You only ever have to login once unless you clear cookies and cache)
  • Access to Maltix 24/7 365 chat service and Ai driven Knowledge base
  • Maltix Tribes membership:- Maltix WA chatroom, Maltix Affiliate channel, Maltix QR tribe and others
  • Maltix surveys:- (Take part and get results) 
  • Access to Beta programmes:- 
  • Regular news and product development updates:-
  • Access to Board members:-
  • Access to afiiliateship:- (£100 deal reward) 
  • Access to other income opportunities:-
  • The goody bag:- (Lots of freebies)
  • Networking opportunities 
  • Promote your business to all registrants
  • Private in App chat
  • Private mentoring
  • Win a holiday in the UK or Malta

Details on the benefits of using registration as a visitor or when you operate your own PhoneSite

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