Selling without selling backdrops

Zoom or Google Meet backdrops

William Nicholls

Last Update 6 months ago

We take care to ensure our prospects can scan relevant QR whilst we make presentations as a Company.

Within the presentation there is a feed back form which automates relevant information to prospects that show an interest in Maltix products and services.

These are the backdrops our VA and Directors use to explain the lead generation and QR EVENT POP UP tech required but also the training required to get up to speed as quick as possible using My Most trusted within Linkedin accounts.

Maurice Watts MD of Melville Marketing and Sales and Marketing Director Maltix QR ltd

Feedback and further one on one training for interested parties:

Michelle Scott  MD of MSVA and Chief VA Maltix QR Ltd

My Most Trusted train the trainer and Chief of Maltix onboarding:

William Nicholls CEO Maltix Ltd

QR for business inventor fantasist and dreamer

A new relationship between Dynamic QR and the Progressive Web App (PWA) Slideshow 

Maltix MASTER QR available within Maltix Business applications plan

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