Adding external data to a client PhoneSite data source

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William Nicholls

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To add external data to a PhoneSite data source using a trained VA

1. Log in to your PhoneSite account and go to the PhoneSite app.
2. Open the desired app where you want to add the external data.
3. Click on "Data" in the left-hand menu to access the data source section.
4. Create a new data source or select an existing one where you want to add the external data.
5. Inside the data source, click on "Add data" to manually input or copy-paste the external data.
6. For large datasets or importing from a file, use the "Import" feature and follow the instructions to map the columns.
7. Save the changes to the data source after adding or importing the external data.
8. Use the PhoneSite Data Source plugin or APIs to access the external data in your app.
9. Add a data source component to the desired screen or page in your app to connect to the data source and display the external data.
10. Configure the data source component by selecting the appropriate data source and specifying the fields you want to display.
11. Customise the layout and design of the component to match your app's style.
12. Use the data source component to display the external
data in tables, lists, or cards, and apply filters, sorting, and search functionality.
13. To update or modify the external data, access the data source in PhoneSite and make the necessary changes. The updates will be reflected in your app upon opening or refreshing.
14. Explore PhoneSite's integration capabilities with other systems and services to automate the process of updating the external data. This can include scheduled imports, real-time syncing, or API integrations.
15. Set up data validation rules within the data source to ensure data accuracy and consistency, preventing erroneous or incomplete entries.
16. PhoneSite allows collaboration and sharing of data sources with team members. You can control access permissions to determine who can view, edit, or manage the external data.

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