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You never get a second chance to make a first impression!

Your Dynamic QR can look beautiful with a customised frame and call to action

Go from this:

To this !


Designer QR Frame library

Innovative subscription for Designer QR Frames and Call to Action

The Maltix  Designer QR Frame library is an innovative serviced resource with a wide range of design options and templates to choose from.

LARES VA Design create unique and eye-catching QR frames that align with their brand or personal style. 

Whether it's for marketing campaigns, event invitations, projected backdrops, or product packaging, the Maltix Designer QR Frame library provides an innovative solution for incorporating QR codes into visual design with a Call to Action, that changes throughout the year,

All Bespoke QR below are fully serviced £39 subscription

with allotted VA Design time for Call to Action changes

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Bespoke Buttons are available within your PhoneLite talk to your VA Clerical 

These are not connected, just for show

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