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William Nicholls

Last Update 2 months ago

Maltix would like to introduce you to an amazing and affordable tool for managing your social media accounts.

Go Promote Social has all the features you could ever need to easily manage all your own social media accounts or if you don’t have the time yourself, they will manage it all for you with their fully managed plans.

What makes this tool stand out from the rest is that Go Promote will also amplify your reach on social media as they have well over half a million of their own followers.

This means they can reach potential new customers for you by putting your content in front of the right audience for it without you spending months trying to gain new followers.

The great news is that it is affordable and much more cost effective than its rivals such as Hootsuite and others.

Before you delve too deeply into the website, please book a call for an amazing, and methodical, no sales pitch explanation of how Go Promote will  work for your business.

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