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Affiliate rewards updated Feb 2024

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Go promote 

Critically important leads for your business

I would like to introduce you to a new tool I have found for managing your social media accounts.

Go Promote Social has all the features you could ever need to easily manage all your own social media accounts or if you don’t have the time yourself, they will Manage it all for you with their fully managed plans.

What makes this tool stand out from the rest is that Go Promote will also amplify your reach on social media as they have well over half a million of their own followers.

This means they can reach potential new customers for you by putting your content in front of the right audience for it without you spending months trying to gain new followers.

The great news is that it is affordable and much more cost effective than its rivals such as Hootsuite and others.

CEO Maltix

*I have never ever endorsed a more important product for your business

Step one: Check out the website, dont sign up just yet

Step three: Sign up

News: March 2024.

Maltix signed up for 6 social media platforms and PR distributing to 250,000 on a monthly basis.

All leads register within the Maltix App

The categories they choose is then automated for Push notifications using TAWK articles from the App data source.

Their status within the Data source also dictates what they can see when they enter the App

This is the definition of data recycling so leads become prospects.

Sales funnels, eat you heart out

Welcome to PhoneSite

VA Clerical, do the details, so you dont have to 

Nexwomen Utility savings and lots more besides!

Register here

Professional email system recommendation by Maltix. 

"An email thats not connected to a domain name is of disservice"

Free Kaspersky QR scanner App for your mobile device. LINK

Business Global Events BLG

Contact BLG for a special introduction and a FREE ticket!

If you are a business leader whose current turnover exceeds $300,000 per annum and seeking a high profile, online session where you get to make up to 50 new connections in just two hours - then you've come to the right place!

The SUPER Network was founded in 2021 by Victoria Beale (Founder of Business Live Global) back in 2021 and Business Live as a networking organisation has been active since 2010...

Our online session is fast paced and we normally have three high profile speakers attend and FOUR separate breakout sessions...

Marc Jarrett What's App networking groups

Maltix has used Revolut for 6 years after abandoning mainstream UK banks for incompetence.

If you want a bank on your phone thats a total delight to work with, get yourself a Revolut business account

PhoneLite subscription includes CRM data management and integrated Newsletter management using TAWK generated articles.

Steffi Lewis UK based CRM creator and expert, would love you to schedule a call and help your learn the basics of how Maltix systems securely automates client data from the QR into a CRM

Andrew Parker Xero accountancy Expert UK only

Integrated Newsletter system called Transpond 

Maltix has used Transpond for many years, its a brilliant system and perfect for developing your App registrants.

Graphic Designer 25 years experience UK based. Ces Rosanna Price

Gyana a Graphic Designer from Mumbai

Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +91 87790 96318

VOIP telephone System

Can be integrated with all calls recorded within CRM used by Maltix for 8 years!

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