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Why people scan your QR

William Nicholls

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The copy you develop for your QR is critically important 

A QR left to its own devices will not get scanned in anything like the numbers you would hope for

The QR reporting system records every Touch, Click and Scan

Just look at the overwhelming numbers when QR is "sold" professionally


iOS 66.78%

Android iOS 26.31%

Windows 3.41%

OS X 0.33%

OpenBSD 0.08%

Linux 0.08%

The call to action within the QR can be reproduced in many different ways

But the copy that accompanies the Call to action is just as important 

A Dynamic QR has its own URL, it's infinitely shareable from phone to phone, email, social media, Bizcard, PhoneSite and PWA

WhatsApp and Tawk are just 2 examples of technology that do not allow images to connect to a URL.

Therefore you always publish the QR and the URL together.

Never assume the end user can scan the QR, they might be on their phone, in fact statistically, they are much more likely to be on their phone.

Always adhere to the rules of "in situ" QR placement printed or projected.

It's the combination of the professional adoption of QR that makes the difference.

Think end user, think phone user. "Why would I be bothered to scan that QR " ?

What are the threats, What is my reward, What makes me curious ?

Think phone end user, every phone is connected to a human being. 

Think "Whats in it for me" "Why would I bother touch that QR, Why would I scan, Why would I share" ?

What threat makes me scan? What reward would make me bother? What curiosity can be evoked?

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