Maltix Investor Application

Prepared by Maurice T Watts of Melville marketing Ltd

William Nicholls

Last Update 7 months ago

Maurice T Watts, 50 years in Marketing and Sales now MD of Melville Marketing and working with Maltix Ltd to take them to market and get funding for same.

I do full spectrum Marketing not just promotions and sales.

I troubleshoot those whose marketing is failing, and mentor those who don't want theirs to fail! 

I also work with those start-ups who want to succeed from Start-up and not be one of the 93%.

Right now I'm looking for Loan or Equity (Doesn't matter which!) funders for Maltix (Providing Business Services [With Human Support] to run an SME business from a Smart phone, using QR codes in radically new ways!) 

Should generate about £1Bn profit in just over 5 years according to current analysis and projections and from sales progress to date.

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