The website is dead, long live the website

The clues are all around you, the Smartphone has taken over

William Nicholls

Last Update 2 months ago

Maltix PhoneSite looks like a website but acts like an App.Your phone clients expect it of you

Take a look at your website reporting system by looking at the proportion of operating systems entering your website.

Published Feb 2024. Car wash garage QR in South Africa

Would you connect the QR to a website or an App ?

Predictions from Maltix research:

"The expense and frustration of using a glacial web master is history"

" Selecting a print designer who understands the raison d etre of your QR campaigns will increasingly become do or die"

Small business people.

Make the time to measure twice and cut once, the world has changed in the blink of an eye.

Learn the facts about going Smartphone first in your organisation, ask questions inside the Maltix Knowledge base.

90% less power consumption.

It's a lot cheaper than you think adopting new technology.

Websites are built on the big screen to be viewed on a big screen, the majority simply fail to address the Smartphone users needs, they are way too complicated on the tiny screen of a phone and built with keyboard based navigation in mind.

Investment, on average, 75% less than web development.

Phone technology is completely different, dramatically cheaper and offers in situ "right here right now" solutions plus a touch here rather that click here mentality.

The other big bonus is that all the "connective tissue" that phone users LOVE is all in one place on the Maltix PhoneSite.

Live within 24 hours of onboarding.

Search PWA "Progressive Web App" in this knowledge base for the future of your business.

The PWA is utterly breath-taking on the phone and looks like a website on the minority devices.

Print stationery on the day.

Maltix affiliates and VA's on CHAT understand your phone users needs with real person onboarding infinitely more pleasurable than some techy somewhere you are never going to meet.

99.84 % less memory requirements on the average Smartphone compared to an iOS APP.

The APP market is wide open for small business.

Take you time and read the facts.

If you hate tech, thats fine.

Reassure yourself that "your clients expect it of you"

CHAT with us today

No App store required.

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