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William Nicholls

Last Update 3 months ago

Welcome to Maltix

The message is clear, and blindingly obvious, the Smartphone is where your future business should be.

Our unique business systems, sit in the heart of your business, and provide a call to action for the very device everybody carries.

Professional QR, a pictorial URL, connects and  enables the phone user in a way thats never been possible before.

The vision we have, is that absolutely everything you publish comes from within your Ai driven searchable knowledge base, and this sits on your phone as a fabulous resource for your shops, subscriptions, surveys,Events, Presentations, electronic documentation, newsletters, compliance, Social media, Standard Operating Procedures etc etc.

Those same subscription levels dictate the documentation that any PhoneSite visitor can gain access to.

From your knowledge base, you distribute to clients using App Push notifications.

Clients choose the notifications that interest them

We hold workshops and Events so you can begin this new journey for your business,

Welcome to the land of the phone user, go shop today and get everything you need up and running in one day, with zero nonsense and real human being LARES VA support.

William Nicholls

CEO Maltix Ltd

Simpler, Faster, Greener, Cheaper


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