Maltix QR POP UP EVENT What you get

Own your own POP up & Permanent Event platform

William Nicholls

Last Update 5 months ago

The complete solution for engaging your prospects in tough " Tickertape" or "Scrolling" environments like WhatsApp 

Equally effective for permanent or occasional physical EVENTS 

A revelation for the print industry, books magazines and publications

Option one

Included in the PhoneLite £25 subscription Take a look

Option two

Stand alone subscription with VA support

Sharing your EVENT has just improved so dramatically, you would never be without it!

The actual QR can change daily.

The Event platform can change all the time, its all within your subscription !

QR EXAMPLES: It's like fishing, you just keep changing your bait!

The normal Thursday EVENT 9.30 a, UK time. Jason gave us a great introduction to recruiting VA

Training, Done-For-You Systems and Coaching For Small Businesses

Have Time To Be The Leader

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