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Printing advice within your Maltix subscription plans

William Nicholls

Last Update 9 days ago

Options to consider when using Maltix serviced QR on your business cards.

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Option one Maltix QR BizCard. Transfer your contact details in one second, with Dynamic QR, when life's little changes come along we change your Bizcard to suit the circumstances, no reprint necessary!

Print single or double sided Business Cards

Amazon video shows the ease and value of creating QR based Business Cards

BizCard have a unique URL                               How to share

Option two Upgrade to PhoneSite and print double sided Business Cards Examples

Option three: Print single sided Business Cards that manage your entire QR portfolio through one single QR

Master QR LINK  For multiple QR and link campaigns from just one QR

Think about all the combinations above, Maltix QR is thoroughly thought out, and on subscription, for future changes on your merchandise and business cards.

Talk to Maltix, people who truly understand QR codes

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