Multiple Business cards

vCard's using an Estate Agent as an example

William Nicholls

Last Update 2 months ago


Keep any copy on the business card to a minimum

And ensure the Job description is generic


People come people go

Change a Sales Director ? no problem we change the vCard the QR stays the same

The vCard on one side of the Business Card is now completed

But you have different PhoneSite Departments: Sales: Commercial: Lettings: Agricultural:  

PhoneSite for each department

Why a PhoneSite?

It's built for the small screen of the Smartphone and accessed by QR 

It loads at the speed of light

It connects to a phone in ways nearly impossible to achieve on a website

It's touch screen carousel is perfect for changing property on a weekly basis

A further 5 pages for Mortgage, Calendly, etc etc

Perfect for Momenzo 

What's Momenzo?

Professional Property Video maker for Smartphones in the field

The departmental PhoneSite on reverse side of the Business Card is now completed

Now Print with impunity 

Fully serviced QR on subscription

#Rules for saving money 

Create multiple calls to action with Maltix clerical VA services

QR and links always stay the same

Agents share QR off their Phone

Email signature

Business Cards created for Property of the week

Property sales boards




Call to Action remains generic

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