QR in the Music industry

The Phonesite and PWA is a massive game changer for the music industry on the phone

William Nicholls

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QR connects to the latest Progressive Web APP (PWA) thru PhoneSite

It's rare to see an artist employ an emerging new technology in a marketing campaign for a new album.

The campaign gets a lot of press because it's new and different, but their marketing Companies simply dont understand the power of QR

Fans caught on immediately and the downloads went ballistic along with the real time scan and click reports.

People do music on their phone, it where it's at! the speed and complete phone friendly experience of this new emerging phone tech is a show stopper!

QR codes are 40 years old but the recording industry have only just recently began experimenting with how to incorporate the technology into album promotional campaigns and on-site event activities.

One of the most prominent uses occurred when Lupe Fiasco used QR codes in ramping up the promotion for his new album.

ref: Billboard magazine:

Atlantic Records printed a QR code on stickers, postcards and posters and even projected a large version of the code against City buildings.

The code launched a mobile Progressive Web App where fans could pre-order the album, as well as access new exclusive content each week until the album arrived via phone notifications.

CEO of Maltix Ltd Will Nicholls:

"Combining QR and captivating copy to the all new Maltix PhoneSite and PWA is a revelation for the music industry"

" Touch it and you've got it Maltix PWA technology is simply shared off a book mark and requires no APP download"

“You need to give them a reason to get out their phone, scan that code and be excited about what's on the other side”

The most obvious reflection of this is at pop concerts like Glastonbury where QR codes are being used to offer discounts on concessions, and by artists discounted merchandise and VIP seating.

It was rumoured that a prominent group gave access to a one off recording via a projected QR live on stage and received 80,000 scans and Mp3 downloads in 4 minutes!

“Captivating one liners and succinct copy with a clear call to action quadruples scan and PWA share rates”

Maltix are targeting the music industry for multi and integrated PhoneSite and PWA subscription deals.

Subscription QR on Hoodies 

Connectedly Woke is typical of a new generation Apparel company who offer good quality well priced garments with a QR connected to a Phonesite owned by the client.

Via Maltix Virtual Assistant CHAT, they can change their music or social media mood depending on their circumstance.

Going to a Business event ? lets reflect that with a survey or a shop, or automated data collection.

Going to a concert ? change your QR to the music you want to share.

Going to a rally ? offer feedback or ratings maybe point to Social media you want promoted.

The list here is actually endless, your garments QR can completely change, it all depends on where you are wearing it!

Friends, family, video ? Connectedly Woke garments are a lifestyle revolution.

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