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William Nicholls

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William Nicholls CEO Maltix Ltd

30 years ago I worked in a Data House in Holland, an extraordinary building that cost $1 billion, built and owned by AT&T. The facility used100 megawatts (MW) of power capacity—enough to power Gillingham UK or Tuscaloosa, Alabama US or Koblenz Germany.

In fact, when you look at the prime functionality of a modern Data House it's actually a colossal data storage facility.

Data storage for what?

I'm not saying that all that data is used for Websites, far from it - BUT, a huge proportion powers things like Plugins within websites.

Unbelievably there are 58,000 plugins for Wordpress alone.

Websites built on the large screen for the large screen.

The majority device is no longer the PC or Monitor.

Are the power requirements of Phone technology comparable to Website technology ?

0.001 is 0.1% of 1

A comparison thats easy to understand.

From our research with say 30 webpages pages and plugins, its easy to spend many thousands of pounds!

Even a small website uses more than £1 a day in power consumption, dependent on traffic but also the power requirements within your home or office.

The cost of operating a website within a small business.

Any idea what you pay off the top of your head?

Web Hosting
Domain Registration
SSL Certificate
Design Pricing

There you go, it's at least a £500 a year, but likely to be considerably higher.

How can my small business reduce these costs?

With a change of mindset, yes thats possible for the very first time.

Why switch ?

Because of the way we do things!

We offer 5 plans, 100% designed for the Smartphone that also work on any larger device.

A proven viable way to run your business.

More efficient, lower cost & lower power consumption

The Benefits
Slimmer, lighter and infinitely shareable off the phone or via quality in situ QR.
Live within 24 hours of onboarding.
Investment, on average, 75% less than web development.
Print QR stationery on the day.
Real person screen share onboarding with 24/7 support.
No App store required.
Space for 10,000 contacts for SMS, WhatsApp, email and unlimited free notifications.
99.84 % less memory requirements on the average Smartphone compared to an iOS APP.
Smooth inclusive subscription upgrades.

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