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Maurice Watts

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Director Maltix. Maurice T Watts

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And yet it is the same small businesses and especially solopreneurs that most need the assistance of business application technology such as Diaries, CRM, Event planning, Enquiry harvesting, Encounter harvesting, and so on, to enable them to do business on a very low head count.

Indeed, there is a lot of tech out there that enables them to do that, the snag is that to do all the things above, they need several different apps, or even tech areas, and in order to exploit them, they have to learn how to set the tech up, how to make it do the business applications, and then need to know how to become a highly skilled user.

Then they have to consider that they're probably using four or five instances of this tech and paying annual or monthly fees for all of them, except that these people are generally time poor, because they're actually trying to run a business, not become a techie. As a result, I suspect that many of them who could benefit, simply don't or are unable to bother applying the tech.

Maltix have realised that, using a long established technology, the QR code, but taking it from its present role of simply leading to a V card, some business details, a menu, perhaps a shopping cart, perhaps a website, to a whole new way of working, where the QR code now becomes a gateway to a complete suite of business applications, tailored to what the small business actually needs, and wants to do, in the way that they want to do it.

But the radical part of this idea is that Maltix becomes the interface between the entrepreneur businessman and the tech. So now the entrepreneur doesn't have to learn how to set up the tech they only have to learn how to use it to do their business. It's Maltix that works out what tech has to be deployed to achieve their business objectives, and, whilst clients can do the onboarding themselves, Maltix provides a human VA, both to do the onboarding, if required, but also, via a very sophisticated chat system linked to an AI knowledge base, to provide ongoing support as and when needed for the life of the subscription.

As a result, the SME or entrepreneur, can now easily leverage the necessary tech for a modest set up charge and a realistic monthly subscription, that allows them to keep everything in their aps up to date and current.

The real win is that they can do so from a single QR code, interfacing with everything, via their smartphone (if they want to use a desktop, tablet, or laptop, they can, but, for once, there's a business app suite designed to work really well on a smartphone).

Maltix think that this is the future, but that they can have it now. 

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