How to Register with the ICO for your data compliance

Advice from Maltix when operating a PhoneLite alongside a CRM and PhoneSite PWA

William Nicholls

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Businesses must take appropriate technical and organisational measures to keep personal data secure. This includes measures to prevent unauthorised access, use, disclosure, alteration, or destruction of personal data. Staff must use strong passwords, encrypt data, and restrict access to personal data.

Maltix technology is 100% https:// 

This means your Data is secure 

  • We highly recommend you operate a 3rd party CRM and Newsletter at PhoneLite level for end to end security and data compliance
  • PhoneSite has an integral data source CRM and push notifications system as standard

Maltix recommends Capsule CRM

Add your registration to your Limited Company status and name your Registered data officer within you compliance 

You may be exempt, please check

Data Protection Officer

Although the GDPR doesn't oblige every business to employ a Data Protection Officer (“DPO”), a good rule of thumb is to assume that you do need a DPO unless you can clearly demonstrate that the GDPR requirements for appointing a DPO don't apply to you.

Belt and Braces: Maltix publishes the Data Protection officer within Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy

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