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William Nicholls

Last Update 5 months ago

Imagine a beautiful QR with call to action that can be changed regularly, even between Businesses, Venues, or Presenters.

A QR to Scan that never changes. A Link thats always the same, with a detailed reporting system to track how your doing.

Picture the visual effect of a professional EVENT platform and the end to ghastly long links and emails to the Event platform you use, that doesn't care about your brand, only theirs.

Would you order today? get set up today? go live today? and use your subscription to author all your changes with a Real person VA ?


Benefits of including a QR event landing page on Business cards, or within your Phonesite

1. Easy access to event information: By scanning the QR code on the business card, recipients can quickly access all the relevant event details, such as date, time, location, agenda, and registration information. This saves them the hassle of manually typing in the website URL or searching for the event online.

2. Increased engagement: Including a QR code on business cards encourages recipients to engage with the event by providing them with a direct link to the event landing page. This can result in higher attendance rates and increased interaction with the event content.

3. Enhanced networking opportunities: QR codes on business cards can facilitate networking by allowing recipients to easily connect with the event organiser or other attendees. The landing page can include links to social media profiles, contact information, or even a chat feature, enabling seamless communication and networking.

4. Real-time updates: If there are any changes or updates to the event details, the event landing page can be easily updated. Recipients who have scanned the QR code will have access to the most up-to-date information, ensuring they stay informed about any changes.

5. Tracking and analytics: QR codes can be tracked to gather valuable data on how many people are

6. 100% serviced by Maltix, we do the techie stuff you do the event!

7. The perfect accompaniment to Whats App using QR image and QR link in combination

8. The cleverest of additions to perma print. Imagine a book where your readers can regularly meet the author or watch video updates.

9. The Events QR can be "parked" and used as a never ending distribution channel. 

10. Your permanent, professional, serviced ,EVENTS solution.


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