QR Business Applications: Your print business problem scenarios resolved

Using "in-situ" landing pages in combination with Smart Form Pages

William Nicholls

Last Update 3 months ago

Extraordinarily powerful solutions on your clients phone

PhoneLite Mood subscription

All business folk have problems that keeps them up at night.

So lets revisit the QR for "shoot from the hip "right here right now" solutions.

As a Phone user, think "What's in it for me?"

And read the important article that explains the power of copy

QR that offers Coupons or Discounts

EVENT QR for just about any public offering you host.

Ratings and Feedback

Social media



Regularly changing offerings like property, motor vehicles, deals, menus

We connect your QR to LIVE documents.

That means when you make a change it instantly goes to your QR !

Combining QR with Smart Form Page technology

Load onto a phone with a Call to action. People love beautiful images and when accompanied with a captivating one liner or call to action this can seriously leapfrog the competition. Within the Maltix Business Application plan we develop branded Smart Form Pages to collect your clients data with full data compliance advice. 

A big part of Maltix QR Business Application subscription is connecting Smart Form Pages to print. As you can see we do not provide 100% top of the range print. This is designed to be printed on a low budget or as an emergency print or to be used as advice when going to a designer and printer. 

The idea is you go to them and say "This is how I want it to look "

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