Food Delivery APP (PWA)

The compelling reasons to take control of your food business

William Nicholls

Last Update 5 months ago

What’s changed using PhoneSite ?

The food delivery industry has changed dramatically because people get hungry and simply order on their phone.

Irrespective of which food order and delivery company is used.

The App user phone experience is much the same, just a different brand.

So why not own your own food delivery APP?

YOU KEEP the outsourced delivery costs for yourself and arrange your own deliveries.

After all, the average delivery person only gets £4 irrespective of the size of the order!

They are building their business on the back of your database, right?

As a restaurateur, do you think that their 30% costs are excessive?

Why not own you own APP?

Are you a Restaurant that wants to take control?

Could you service a group of local postcodes with your own APP?

Using a new generation APP that doesn’t need to be downloaded from the APP store.

An APP that you own and control with a payment system that charging less that 3%.

“The decision was as simple as switching a supplier for more profit”

Leigh Say Restaurants and Ghost kitchens

We know your busy in the kitchen.

We say your APP is just another piece of kitchen equipment, but your not technical right?

You just want to get the thing up and running, and get the marketing message across whilst getting those orders out.

We understand.

So how about you sign up to the “Maltix complete Restaurant system”

What do you get?

One dynamic QR code with call to action that changes to fresh menu as often as you like AFTER PRINT.

A second dynamic QR for guerrilla marketing on your packaging with social media landing page share that changes regularly AFTER PRINT.

Inbuilt loyalty scheme and client phone notification for promotions and deals, automatic social media share and APP share, No APP store download required!

All the tools your need to make your kitchen ROCK.

What does the Restaurateur have to do?

Arrange delivery locally.

The APP does everything for you in the same familiar way Uber or Bolt or Just Eat does.

You dont have to break any contracts, because the integral guerrilla marketing is going to be EPIC

It’s all part of the deal and its no secret when you join.

No contracts! We set it all up with real human onboarding with Lares VA and you pay the monthly hosting fee, simple.

A quick bit of MATHS

On the back of a fag packet, how much business do you give your delivery Company a year?

So how much more profit will you make by keeping the 30% you normally give away and how much cheaper will that be to your client who only pays 3% for a card transaction fee ?

When we give you a price and monthly service fee, the maths will blow you away.

Plenty of savings to pay a few delivery guys and thats a promise.

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