PWA SHORT Guide from Maltix

Understanding this amazing new technology - 5 minute version.

William Nicholls

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The benefits for your online and mobile phone business presence takes just 5 mins to grasp.

PWA Guide from Maltix

PhoneSite is the Maltix brand for all PWA products

With massive sea change in our lives, customers have undoubtedly become the ones to have the final word

Especially when it comes to setting certain rules and expectations.

Customer experience on a website or a mobile APP is crucial for determining the presence of a company or organisation.

It has to be fast and snappy otherwise the client will move on in an instant

Easy to produce and market – because one Phonesite is enough for both desktop and mobile devices.

PWA will completely remove old native technology, why?

Dramatically more affordable development and maintenance costs.

PWA literally defines the words affordable versus exorbitant and previously prohibitive !

While a regular native APP is typically associated with higher development costs.

PWA’s are significantly cheaper to develop and maintain.

A single progressive web apps works for all operating systems!

Better visibility and SEO – compared to native APP’s.

PWA’s are actually indexed by search engines – which means that you can optimise them to enhance your visibility.

Look & feel of a native APP – PWAs combine the look and feel of a native mobile app with the full functionality and efficiency of website performance.

Offline mode – additionally, progressive web apps have the ability to fully operate even if there is no Internet connection. For users, this means that they can access their favourite app from anywhere, at anytime.

Saving add space.

With a Maltix PWA progressive web APP’s save a lot of space.

Compared to a regular native APP, PWAs can be up to 90% lighter

Which means they do not take valuable space on your clients phone.

Most old native APPS are deleted within days, they are as heavy as lead on the Smartphone.

PWA is up to 200 times lighter !

Faster loading speed – with improved performance, faster loading speed, reduced server load and mobile-first indexing.

It is no surprise that PWAs have higher engagement and conversions rates than their native counterpart.

There are many issues that most companies with a digital presence are facing.

Consumers expect an easy and interactive mobile experience, but are getting tired of downloading storage-hungry older native mobile applications.

Good Search Engine Optimisation (also known as SEO) depends on a fast-loading and easily discoverable APP just like a website.

As a business, a body or a service you need a great performing portal for your products or services.

But you also need to keep costs low whilst providing timely updates via notifications and SMS.

PWAs are the future of the internet, taking the principles of website and application development and combining them into something infinitely more discoverable.

Easier to create and manage, and better for all-important SEO.

Progressive web APP’s take the web – which, let’s face it, wasn’t exactly designed with tiny, mobile screens in mind.

Client registration into a Phonesite allows owners to delineate who sees what inside the Phonesite and segments information that is sent via push notifications and email

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