Free vCard available

However there are problems with free, let us explain

William Nicholls

Last Update 7 months ago

Visual issues & URL issues

The Free QR has no URL therefore it cannot be shared on social media, it cannot be phone shared, it has no touch through on a phone and zero scan reports

The Free vCard cannot be changed after print. you cannot change any information whatsoever. Printed QR can easily go out of date: Zero scan and reporting system. 

Compared to Maltix QR Bizcard (

The subscription QR Bizcard is a serviced product via CHAT.

 Anything can be changed including the creation of varying QR carcass and colours, emails and telephone numbers, in fact anything within the Bizcard including the extra globes and links at the bottom. Printed QR remain in service and when printed generically can be used by a successor to any job post without reprint. The Company retains 100% control of all iterations.

Advanced BizCard reporting system.

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