QR Corporate Subscription

Advanced QR solutions, training and integrations for your business

William Nicholls

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Personal contact at Director level using Google Meet or Zoom or an office visit.

What's involved?

Everything in PhoneSite, Business Applications and PWA plus a customised selection from:-

Ongoing training programme to help you with all Maltix products with a dedicated communication groups to share information.

Client relationship management (CRM) set up and training options

Integration automatically records all data securely for automatic data segmentation, newsletter and AI content creation.

CRM TEAMS training for multiple users in the field.

Data segmentation for newsletter campaigns.

Fully integrated, multiple serviced, Smart Form Pages with advanced Smart Form Page Branching logic.

Integrations with truly astounding choices, always bespoke and designed for your business including.

Bespoke in situ QR solutions using all the Smartphone technology that Maltix has on offer.

Where does this relentless data come from ?

A sitemap

Relentless incoming DATA Site plan

Increasingly Maltix is building advanced solutions for in Situ QR.

In other words, specifically connecting to the Smartphone user in the field.

Search "CASE STUDY Examples" with investment scoping included.

Auto industry

Real Estate


Meet the Directors

On your Phone

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