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Here is a list of pain that small business people would love to avoid

Common problems with small business owners, exacerbated through unnecessary stress. 

1. Not enough money.

2. Not able to get new customers.

3. Cannot keep existing customers.

4. Our revenues are too low.

5. Poor profitability 

6. Our employee turnover is too high.

7. I need to sell this business.

8. My business partner is a problem

9. Quality issues with our products.

10. Our website doesn't work, it's expensive and I cannot measure its effectiveness.

11. We’re constantly out of office supplies.

12. We need to move to bigger space.

13. Problem employees.

14. We hired somebody and we didn’t realise they had a criminal record.

15. Our prices are too low.

16. Our products are obsolete.

17. A virus infected every computer in our office.

18. My business partner is a problem

19. My spouse wants the business.

20. We lost our biggest client, accounting for 50% of our revenues.

21. Poor work ethic alongside a poor understanding of available technology

22. Poor business culture based on free technology

23. I don’t have a good business lawyer.

24. One of our customers is suing the business.

25. My biggest competitor just raised £50 million in venture capital.

26. Nobody knows who we are, we dont understand client feedback.

27. I’m not getting any foot fall in my store.

28. All this government paperwork is killing me.

29. I hate, hate, hate processing payroll.

30. I don’t have enough money to pay my estimated income taxes for the quarter.

31. We keep hiring idiots.

32. My accountant is not returning my phone calls.

33. We have receivables, but the cheques are not coming in for some reason.

34. The competitors’ advertising is way better than ours.

35. We don’t show up for anything relevant to our business when people search in Google, Bing or other search engines.

36. I can’t find workers compensation insurance for my business.

37. Unaffordable small business health insurance plan for my employees

38. I’m ready to shut this thing down. I’m at my wit’s end.

39. Sexual harassment accusations.

40. I have no clue how much my business is worth

41. I think I’m paying too much for shipping.

42. Our office equipment keeps breaking down.

43. I would like to franchise this business but I have no clue how to get started.

44. Our business credit rating is bad.

45. I need a small business credit card, ideally without a personal guarantee.

46. We never considered limited liability.

47. I’m dying and I have no viable successor for this business.

48. None of my kids has any desire to work for my company.

49. Our legal bills are out of control.

50. Our finances are a mess.

51. This is a commodity business. How can we differentiate ourselves on anything but price?

52. My employees are complaining about our training.

53. My best employee just got poached by another firm.

54. The career path here is non-existent and employees are bitching about it.

55. We are weak on employee diversity. 

56. We just got broken into by burglars last night!

57. Honestly, I think are company name is stupid and we’re losing business because of it.

58. I have no clue why we just lost that big sale.

59. There’s a lot of infighting within my management team.

60. Cash flow is really tight. We may not make payroll later this month.

61. One of my employees slipped on a puddle of water and broke their back.

62. Our distribution partners don’t seem to be motivated to sell our stuff.

63. Our office flooded last night. We are totally screwed.

64. Customer complaints are up.

65. I’m able to pay my employees but I’m not pulling enough money out of the business.

66. Foreign competition is killing us.

67. Sales are down 30% from last year.

68. There’s some new competition in town, and they look like they really know what they are doing.

69. We’ve been accused of patent infringement.

70. I need to layoff 20% of my workforce.

71. One employee is destroying everybody else’s morale. He’s a poison to the company!

72. Inventory shrinkage is going through the roof lately. 

73. I never thought it would play out this way, but I think bankruptcy is my only option.

74. It’s time to move out of my house and get a real office.

75. Our phone system is ancient. we still print everything.

76. My independent contract just said that he should be classified as an employee and that I have to pay him benefits.

77. We’ve been trying to sell this business for five years now, and we haven’t received a single offer.

78. I can’t see my colleague’s work schedules and I keep scheduling meetings when they already have meetings.

79. I’ve got a stack of business cards and our own cards that dont connect to the internet.

80. How can I get a list of good prospects for our business? We need to start talking to more people.

81. CRM system is hopeless, it doesn't work.

82. Our money is sitting in our bank account and it’s earning zero interest. 

83. I’m a business owner and I have no retirement plan, very little savings, and my kids are about to go to college.

84. I have a troublesome, insubordinate employee on my hands.

85. The competition is spreading false rumours about us.

86. We are severely understaffed and I’m worried that people are getting burned out.

87. Apparently, we’ve been paying less than the minimum wage. I think we may be in trouble.

88. Employee morale is low. I have no clue why.

89. The landlord just leased our space out from under us. We’ve got to find new space and move to it within 60 days.

90. The Internet connection here is lame.

91. We don’t have an employee manual, and it’s starting to become a problem.

92. My sales guys don’t know how to sell big deals.

93. I haven’t had a vacation in three years.

94. This business is like a jail sentence.

95. Everybody’s making money in this industry but us.

96. Client projects are not getting done on time.

97. I don’t know whether we are making money or losing money.

98. We outsourced some things to another company and it’s not working out.

99.  It looks like we have to do a product recall.

100. The machine is broken, which means we won’t be getting those orders out.

Let Maltix do something dramatic for you:

The idea is that within a short period of time, you begin to strike off a large percentage of the problems above by you working on your business and not in your business.

Switch to the majority device please, your Smartphone, continue on your phone now by scanning this QR

Though low cost upgradable subscriptions:

Step one:

A) We enable your staff to transfer business details in one second using Bizcard's.

B) Train friends & staff to share their Bizcard's off their phone

C) Maltix will place usefulness and automation into your Bizcard's

D) Ensure all your staff have QR based business cards

E) Maltix ensures staff changes never affect printed business cards

F) Adopt a well proven lead generation system thru Linkedin using all your friends and staff as support. 10 mins a day.

Step two:

A) Endorse all your staff to share their individual PhoneSite's off their own phone.

B) Train friends & staff to share their individual Phonesite off their phone

C) Maltix places massive phone usefulness and automation into all your PhoneSite's

D) Ensure your staff have QR based business cards

E) Maltix ensures staff changes never affect printed material

F) Look seriously at the Maltix Goody bag and start asking questions

Step three:

Upgrade to QR Business Applications

Allow QR problem solving to permeate every aspect of your business.

Simply bring the problem to your VA inside the chat room or raise a ticket and your subscription will transform you, your staff and and your business in weeks.

Maltix trains on recycling your data using a CRM and encourages old fashioned skills of copy and call to action to accelerate your QR scans, touches and clicks in quite a holistic way.

Put faith in your new QR scan reporting systems.

Step four:

Simply put trust that the majority of your future business in on the smartphone by employing the brilliance of a Maltix Progressive Web App.

It's an electric quick APP on the phone and a website with attitude on the PC

Step five:

If you have 5 staff or more, make appointments with the Directors of Maltix for combination strategies of all the above.

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