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In-app notifications and push notifications are both methods of delivering notifications to users in a Progressive Web App (PWA), but they have some key differences:

1. Delivery:
- In-app notifications are delivered within the PWA itself, appearing as a pop-up or a banner within the app's user interface.
- Push notifications are delivered to the user's device outside of the PWA, appearing as a notification on the device's home screen or in the notification center.

2. Timing:
- In-app notifications are triggered and displayed immediately when the user is actively using the PWA.
- Push notifications can be sent to the user's device even when they are not actively using the PWA, allowing for real-time updates and engagement.

3. Permission:
- In-app notifications do not require explicit permission from the user as they are part of the app's user interface.
- Push notifications require the user to grant permission to the PWA to send notifications to their device. This permission is typically requested when the user first visits the PWA.

4. Reach:
- In-app notifications are limited to the users who are actively using the PWA at the time the notification is triggered.
- Push notifications have a broader reach as they
can reach users who may not be actively using the PWA at that moment. Push notifications can be sent to the user's device, even if the PWA is not currently open, allowing for greater engagement and the ability to bring users back to the PWA.

5. Interaction:
- In-app notifications can be interacted with directly within the PWA. Users can click on the notification to open a specific page or perform an action within the app.
- Push notifications, on the other hand, typically have limited interaction options. Users can usually only dismiss the notification or open the PWA by tapping on it. However, some platforms allow for more advanced interactions, such as quick actions or inline replies.

6. Customisation:
- In-app notifications can be fully customised to match the PWA's branding and design. Developers have more control over the appearance and behaviour of in-app notifications.
- Push notifications have more limited customization options, as their appearance and behavior are largely determined by the user's device and operating system. However, developers can still customise the content and icon of the notification.

In summary, in-app notifications are displayed within the PWA itself, are triggered immediately, and do not require explicit permission. Push notifications, on the other hand, are client permission only.

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