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William Nicholls

Last Update 2 months ago

1. AMBITION - without it, you’re not going to go anywhere and if you want to be successful on a big scale, you must have it.

2. DRIVE - absolutely fundamental to success and what allows you to do what most won’t.

3. RESILIENCE - if your body and mind are not resilient enough to deal with the stresses, you won’t be successful.

4. PASSION - this is the inspirational component that helps you to win with suppliers, customers and employees. For people love passionate people and being around their energy.

5. COMMERCIAL INTELLECT - you must have the ability to find ways to add value to your business smartly and see the opportunities where most won’t.

6. LEADERSHIP - this is the differentiator between growing a business and growing a business at scale. This is a rare and difficult skill but important to master if you want to have an impact at scale.

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