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Maurice Watts, Your Marketing Mentor

Mentoring - Is a New service from Melville Marketing, which came about because of our experiences during Covid Lockdown, whereby we were still able to help clients and potential clients.

What is it? - A service where clients telephone Maurice, (or Zoom or Skype, or which ever platform meets your needs ) , and raise, or discuss, whatever they need to do to: - improve their business, get a better understanding of Marketing, find possible marketing solutions or activities, investigate proposed new products or services or their extensions, or anything that you need to know about marketing and sales, and how to make them better.

In this case, "Marketing" has a fairly wide scope:- see for details.

This call could be to:

• Seek information,

• Be mentored or trained in Marketing or Sales techniques,

• Discuss strategy or tactics for a business or project

• Be held accountable; where an ongoing commitment has been made as part of the mentoring process.

• Have whatever help or guidance you think you need in the areas of marketing, sales, customer service, reach, reputation or whatever you need it to be!

How does it work? - Calls cost £100 per hour/session, +VAT at the relevant rate, payable by PayPal (ask me for the link) in advance. That done; the call is arranged to meet mutual diary commitments. There will be discounts for multiple sessions booked and paid in advance but it is advisable to have one session first and then, if multiple calls make sense, discounts will be retrospective.

Who might it benefit? -

• Business Owners who need a sounding board, friendly advisor or mentor - Confidentially perhaps?

• Entrepreneurs with a new product or service they want to take to market.

• Startups who need coherent marketing and business plans to seek funding.

• Businesses that are suddenly struggling, and need some tough love, to get them back on track.

• Departmental heads who need help or advice about marketing or sales.

• New post holders, in Marketing and or Sales, who want to benefit from the knowledge and experience of someone who has worked with, and for, Major Corporates, Software Houses, IT:- manufacturers, dealers, VARS and various consultancies, on and off for nearly 50 years (and survived at least 4 recessions and a couple of booms!), - and has the academic and professional creds to back it up!

How do I get on board with it? - Contact me via: or email [email protected] or WhatsApp me if you know me there.

How do I know it works? - I know, because for years I have been offering this for free (as a lead in to the Full Marketing Troubleshooting or Consultancy Process - £700 to £1,000/day) and can put you in touch with those who have experienced the process and have told me how much difference it made to them (some have even said so on FB and Linkedin). Of late I've been getting feed back from recent recipients who said that they got more than £100 value from their conversations.

What Might I not like? –

• You will be challenged,

• You might be taken outside your comfort zone

• You might be asked to work hard, do research or practice

• You might be held to account

• You might need to change your mindset!

• Above all, you will be exposed to change!

After all, if what you are doing now, is working as well as it could be, why would we be talking?

I look forward to chatting with you and the positive outcomes resulting from those chats

.Discounts available for bulk orders

£120 for first hour includes 20% VAT

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