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Dramatically reducing your carbon footprint

William Nicholls

Last Update 4 months ago

We estimate adopting Maltix PhoneSite, compared to hosted website, will reduce your GREEN footprint by as much as 90% and use 99.86 % less phone memory than an iOS App.

Do you want to order today - go live in no time and opt out of big tech? 

Our calculations

[06:52, 11/08/2023] William Nicholls: A very simple question

How much less power consumption using PhoneSite compared to hosting and running a website ?

[07:05, 11/08/2023] DEV team: A lot - 10x. As there is less clutter, noise and more data, signal

[07:05, 11/08/2023] DEV team: One PhoneSite will have a data of around 1 MB.

[07:29, 11/08/2023] DEV team: Usually, a single webpage will have around 10 MB.

[07:30, 11/08/2023] DEV team: Hosting costs are very low because only 1 code instance is running instead of hundreds of WordPress instances.

[08:26, 11/08/2023] William Nicholls: We estimate adopting Maltix tech compared to website hosting will reduce your GREEN footprint by as much as 90% Co statement

[08:26, 11/08/2023] William Nicholls: Have I got that right?


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