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Available within Maltix QR Business Application plan SHOP

Maltix Smart form Pages is a survey tool that provides various components to create and customise forms and surveys for our clients available directly off a dedicated QR, thru your Business vCard or off the touch screen of your PhoneSite 

Here are some key components.

Secure Maltix Smart Form Pages offer:

Form Fields: Maltix Smart form Pages supports a wide range of form fields that we can add to your forms on your subscription, including text fields, checkboxes, radio buttons, dropdown menus, file upload fields, date pickers, and more. These fields allow users to input data or make selections in your form.

Conditional Logic: Maltix Smart form Pages allows us to create smart forms using conditional logic.

The client can set rules based on user responses to show or hide specific form fields, sections, or pages dynamically. This helps create personalised and interactive forms based on user input.

Templates: Maltix Smart Form Pages offers a collection of pre-designed form templates that you can use as a starting point. These templates cover various industries and use cases, making it easier for us to create professional-looking forms quickly.

Themes and Customisation: Maltix Smart form Pages provides a range of customisation options to personalise the appearance of your forms. You can choose from different themes, customised colours, fonts, and styling to match your branding or website design.

Integration Options: Maltix integrates with over 4,000 third-party tools and platforms, allowing us to connect your forms with other services. You can integrate with popular payment gateways, email marketing tools, CRM systems, project management tools, Calendly, DocuSign and a lot more. This enables seamless data transfer and automation directly from your business cards or Phone Share- exceptionally cool !

Form Reports and Analytics: Maltix Smart form Pages provide reporting and analytics features to track and analyse form submissions. You can view form submission data in real-time, generate reports, and visualise data using charts and graphs. This helps gain insights into your form performance and user behaviour.

Notifications and Workflow: Maltix Smart Form Pages allows us to set up email notifications to receive instant alerts whenever a form is submitted. We can customise the content and format of these notifications. Additionally, Maltix offers workflow features like form routing and approval processes to streamline form submissions within your organisation.

Client reassurance after form submission is a speciality of Maltix.

These are some of the main components offered by Maltix Smart form Pages, but the real person onboarding platform via CHAT provides additional features and functionality and lots of advice !

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