Social media is not social intercourse

Actually talking to someone is where change will predominate

William Nicholls

Last Update 6 months ago

The fall of the social media empire is good for your business, if just about every SME on the planet agrees, then your small business can feed off this change.

No more walking in circles

The toolbox for social intercourse is engagement and is easily within touching distance, you just need the simple tools within your very own toolbox for the Smartphone.

People really want to engage on their phone and the best tool to start that is professional QR and the best place for that is "in situ"

Collect and recycle your own data

Ask yourself, "Where is that vision for my business?"

Anyplace you actually interface or your surroundings interface with your prospects, they all carry a phone, go engage!

Put your Toolbox to work with professional QR the Maltix way today.

It's very reassuring for a Company to create this for you, it's rare indeed! So book a call with real people and lets get your business rocking on the prospects phone

Scan to add contact details to your phone. This is how its done !

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