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Not really a word, but getting a strong sense of the business leaders maverick mindset was key to an explanation of just how she germinates intelligent change.

I know Judith had her woolly socks on because its minus 4 in the UK, but from the relative warmth and sunshine of Gozo, all looked warm and fuzzy for our energetic call.

Judith is a prolific author, book publisher, magazine writer # 57 and podcaster #2 ( 300 episodes )

Was an international radio presenter for just over a year.

An HR Zone Leadership Columnist with expert opinion sought by radio, trade and national press.

Very impressive as is her website

The map is not the territory.

“If you start from a standpoint thats it’s not necessary what’s actually happening its easier to reverse engineer a newly thought through solution” there’s logic for you.

As she pointed out, each and every mavericks mind is unique and each of her podcasts manifest from different past conversations and scenarios.

My job is change mindset and change perception to rethink the processes.

I likened it to seeds in pots in the greenhouse behind me, every pot is a podcast or a magazine article, all sunning themselves ready for future harvesting all overseen by the mastery horticultural skills of this amazing lady.

Her library and arsenal of podcasts and magazine articles are published to be intermixed into bespoke solutions for future clients.

Change the thinking alter the thoughts.

Very often senior leaders have an ill defined problem, they think that they know what the problem is, but very often they do not.” I’m not sure how to resolve this problem” is common in conversation.

Her clients have questions that require fresh linkages to innovate new solutions creating an ” OK lets think about it this way moment”

Her specialism is effective leadership influence that amplifies the maverick leaders skills and enhances emotional intelligence within their world of perfectly normal chaos.

Judith’s model is a living organism, conceived to make it simple and easy to remember in the ridiculously fast and frenetic world of the maverick leader.

She is a consultant, trainer and speaker focusing on 1) mentoring program and 2) an intensive program formulated with a bespoke scorecard based on real live life data as part of her offering.

‘How influential are you?’ scorecard at https://amplifyyourinfluence.scoreapp.com

This gives real-time results and allow her to get to the core connective tissue of mind change management and always with a focus on improvements her clients can pursue immediately.

A book title as exotic as a 60’s supergroup “The Maverick Paradox: The Secret Power Behind Successful Leaders”

She delineated between the podcast knowledge sharing and the provocative history library.

Her regular magazine tackles the subtle use of intelligent language to create new business from powerful leaders and the focus is based not on pain, but on motivation.

The mavericks paradox

“It’s what they want to happen” Judith proclaimed.

A lot of business change is based on strategic thinking, unfortunately there is not a lot on offer out there for strategic thinking, so she’s created a number of models to enable strategic thinking as well as other leadership needs (eg culture change).

These kind of myopic multi task setting leaders dont react to their feet being held to the fire, even if limbs are sliced to the quick, it’s just a flesh wound in their daily battle at work.

They can literally burn to the ground and successfully carry on managing and directing.

So she is always focused on the best way to think about how to resolve the problem and discover new ways of thinking to create order inside the disordered mind of the whack a mole leader. Maverick Leaders tend to be more organised.

Judith is very proud and rightly so, her diligence really instills changes for her clients lateral thinking and strategic thinking with a real focus on emergent thinking.

Intelligent disobedience is a key part of the problem resolution for senior leaders.

Yeah you did read that right !

3 strong points I noticed talking with Judith.

Shes an Investigative thinker : Structured solutions creator: A Bold listener and helper

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