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William Nicholls

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Sarah kindly agreed we should talk, it was as if we had known each other forever, a meandering journey of trust into the minefield and consequences of sexual and verbal abuse.

4 words: Brassy, Fearless, Punctual, Kinaesthetic.

Sarah is a blend of tough cookie and sounding board, an ex professional nurse of multi disciplines and a woman who has been through the torture of abuse and torment herself which has precipitated fierce protectionism around her own loved ones, a very desirable trait.

Candid openness permeates throughout her Cumbrian accent and her professional observation intertwines with her advanced hypnotherapy capabilities.

The statistics are alarming, a third of ALL girls have experienced varying levels of sexual abuse nearly always with trusted family members or visitors. One in five boys the same!

We spoke about the parenting style that allows this to happen.

Sarah is a woman driven to help other women who carry the guilt, the disgust and the crushing undermining of self esteem.

She has a focus on the professional workaholic woman, juggling her life, obsessed with work and not addressing the route problem of deep ongoing and hidden phycological damage.

He stock phrase is” Your greatest challenge is your greatest opportunity” and her new self help book will explain where just to start.

We spoke about the idea of using professional editable QR within her book, to create the smartphone interaction busy women require to embark on their incredible journey of change.

I’m looking forward to help with the captivating one liner in the copy to get that QR scanned and the Call to action therein.

We also touched on the My Most Trusted programme on LinkedIn and the value of creating warm relationships with professional women who need help the most.

Sarah has the enviable ability to be sat right next to you on a Zoom call, for some of you, it's time you spoke.

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