How to manage data sources

Notifications and the Data upload support you require.

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There are considerable benefits of using Maltix Phonesite PWA "send notifications" - connected to your document library:

You will require Maltix trained VA services to set this up

1. Real-time updates: With notifications, users can receive real-time updates about any changes or additions to the document library. This ensures that users are always aware of the latest documents and can access them immediately. This feature can be turned on after your document library has been created, but its natural default is "always on"

2. Improved communication: Notifications can serve as a means of communication between team members. Users can be notified when a document is shared with them or when someone leaves a comment or makes changes to a document. This helps in fostering collaboration and streamlining communication within the team.

3. Increased productivity: By receiving notifications about document updates, users can save time by not having to manually check the document library for changes. Maltix advises that all calls to action, e.g. More here, Shop here, book here etc are replicated from within the document library

4. Enhanced accessibility: Notifications can be sent to users' mobile devices, making it convenient for them to access and view documents even when they are on the go, regardless of the user's location.

5. Personalisation: Maltix Phonesite allows for personalised notifications, where users can choose the types of notifications they want to receive. This ensures that users only receive relevant notifications, reducing information overload and hugely improving user experience. The Phone user is in control of the information they require.

6 . Improved document management: Notifications connected to the document library can help users stay organised and manage their documents more effectively. Users can receive notifications when a document is due for review or when a document is about to expire. This helps in ensuring that important deadlines are not missed and documents are properly managed.

7. Better decision-making: By receiving notifications about updates or changes in the document library, users can stay informed and make timely decisions. They can quickly review and access the relevant documents, enabling them to make informed choices and take necessary actions.

8. Increased security: Notifications can also play a role in enhancing document security. Users can receive notifications when a document is shared with them, allowing them to verify the source and ensure that they have the necessary permissions to access the document. This helps in preventing unauthorised access to sensitive information.

9. Customisable notifications: Maltix Phonesite allows users to customise their notification preferences, such as the frequency or type of notifications they want to receive. This flexibility ensures that users can tailor their notification settings according to their specific needs and preferences.

10. Seamless integration: Maltix Phonesite can integrate with other applications or systems, such as project management tools or collaboration platforms. This integration enables notifications to be sent across different platforms.

Data management is the raison d'etre (reason for being) for your PhoneSite, it's one of the most important reasons to adopt App technology for your business.

It's the opposite of a website that sits waiting to be found, Your Phonesite has the ability to send information clients actually want and have requested.

Maltix PhoneSite, data used is stored in a data source.

PhoneSite can display data and write data to a data source.

"It's all Dutch to me" use your specialist VA to do this work for you.

Managing data sources offers the following features:

Phonesite can delete, add, and move columns or rows to gain more control over how collected data is organised.

Phonesite VA support will make sure your information is being stored correctly.

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