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William Nicholls

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Allow me to highlight the immense benefits that push notifications provide to your business when utilising Maltix PhoneSite.

First and foremost, push notifications enable you to engage with your customers in a personalised and timely manner. By sending targeted messages directly to their devices, you can keep them informed about new offers, updates, and promotions. 

This level of direct communication helps foster customer loyalty and encourages repeat business.

Furthermore, push notifications serve as a powerful tool for customer re-engagement. With PhoneSite, you can send reminders, alerts, and personalised recommendations to bring back users who may have abandoned their shopping carts or have not visited your app in a while. By rekindling their interest, you have the opportunity to increase conversions and drive more sales.

In addition, push notifications allow you to deliver real-time updates and important information instantly. Whether it’s notifying customers about order status, delivery updates, or urgent announcements, you can ensure that your audience stays well-informed and connected to your business. 

This enhances customer satisfaction and builds trust in your brand.

Moreover, push notifications provide an effective means of driving traffic to your PhoneSite, by leveraging enticing messages and offers, you can entice users to click and explore your Phonesite further.

How to start using your Phonesite Push notification platform.

Step one:

1. Login to the RED Admin area with your credentials.

2. Navigate to Configure security rules

Book your specialist onboarding VA to help get this very important back office set up for you if your not sure.

Estimated Book time for your VA requirements

Step two:

Invite Maltix to add you to Manage Collaborators via [email protected]

You will be enabled and notified via email to edit and publish updates.

Your panel will look something like this:

We implore with you not to touch the Edit button or the More button. 

This is for technician use only and they charge £260 per hour to fix things, ouch.

Click the notifications tab + Create new

Don NOT touch " push notifications settings" That is for tech people only and is already configured.

Screen shot of what you will see.

+ Create new will take you to:

You can link to any internal screen that are live within your Phonesite!

Or you can link to any link or article, particularly you can link to TAWK Ai generated documents you have published.

Wow you are 100% in control !


Now it get s bit more nerve racking! Decide on who you send the notification to, using the filters you have set up at stage one.

You can schedule notifications from here !

"Push notifications: (Rec) Standard mobile notifications that are used most often. These are messages that the user sees without opening the PhoneSite, typically on the lock screen. 

In-app notification: messages that the user gets inside the application after they have opened PhoneSite"

Hold your nerve, Review and .......................

Click App Analytics to monitor your readership.

Now you will begin to realise just how important it is to provide strong reasons for visitors to Register within your Phonesite.

That's why we share best practice for the onboarding pages and from within your Phonesite.

You will notice the offer of a free holiday draw within the Maltix and connectedly Woke PhoneSite's.

Registration is key. All Registrants are securely held within an encoded data source.

Registrants have complete control over the notifications they choose to receive via email or notification.

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