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William Nicholls

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Think about the scanning distance and divide it by 10.


If you plan to add a QR code in a magazine or a flyer, it will most likely be scanned from a close distance, such as 5 inches.

In this case, the code can be 0.5 × 0.5 inches and still scan properly.

Scanning distance: The distance a QR code will be scanned from will affect how big it needs to be. The general rule is that you need to maintain a distance-to-size ratio of 10:1.

The Maltix QR formula for the Size of an in situ QR

2 inches by 2 inches is a great size for Business Cards and pro rata for larger documents. Remember the Call to Action and the Copy are critically important for getting your scan reports elevated!

Hoardings, Signage and Billboards

Using the formula above, lets say your Signage is 200 yards away from a pedestrian or car park or vantage point

Your QR needs to be 2 yard by 2 yards or 2 metres by 2 metres

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