With millions of QR scans taking place every day, let’s look at why the vast majority of SCAN traffic goes to the minority.

William Nicholls

Last Update 6 months ago

QR Call to Action Ideas below

The problem with Free static QR codes:

This vast part of society predominantly dont have laptops and they use their Smartphone on the hoof for business in an unprecedented way.

By far the most important business tool for any business is the QR code.

So lets look at the pitfalls and make sure your QR investment ensures a fantastic ROI

The problem with Free static QR codes:

No scan reporting system.

Cannot change the link after print.

Probably un editable after print.

Un editable linked documentation after print.

Poor quality branding.

Probably no carcass colour continuity.

Possibly an unprofessional looking V card.

Possibly an unprofessional business card.

Reduced carcass design choices.

Poor trust for payment if connected to a shop.

Poor trust for Smart Form pages.

Zero social media share.

Poor quality definition of QR print.

No landing pages.

No service agreements.

Highly vulnerable to internal inexperience.

No live link URL.

Associated with poor print and size placement.

The benefits of Dynamic subscription QR

Outsourced value on Global CHAT with Real person real time VA

Dedicated QR landing page solutions 

Subscription based via Maltix

Work perfectly within PhoneSite QR technology

Touch QR from Call to Action very effective

Admin can be overseen by a clerk.

No tech experience required.

In house tech and print experience is very expensive to develop.

Most print and design companies offer limited experience and knowledge

Optional Global Geo scan reporting system is accurate to within 10 metres.

Real time scan reporting system.

Unique user scan reporting system.

Scan reports for ops system, country, city & campaigns.

Social media share enabled.

Branded landing pages.

Landing pages that link to live editable documentation.

Smart form pages for data collection.

Landing page coupon or voucher share.

Professional business landing page templates.

Industry specific landing pages.

Rating page and client data collection.

Events page.

Social media page platform.

MP3 landing page.

Feedback landing page and client data collection.

Video /infomercial/ tutorial/ momenzo- property & vehicle

PDF designed specifically for the Smartphone.

App landing page.

Image carousels.

Call to action on the QR.

Call to action or branding within the QR.

Hex code exact colour branding.

High quality multi format for print.

Help and advice before and after print.

QR codes detectable by Google.

This is a great TOOL for getting to grips with QR functionality that might suit your business. It simply emails your ticked boxes to you for future reference.

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